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Surrey Munch:

Knight & Day Restaurant – 9677 King George Boulevard, Surrey. (604) 588-7575

The Surrey Munch happens twice a month, on the Second and fourth Wednesdays of the month. This munch is one of the more popular munches, and consistent munches around  the Vancouver, BC area. Including the entire Fraser Valley area, and is often called the "Fraser Valley Munch".

This Munch also takes over most of the Knight and Day Restaurant in the south west wing of the establishment. Just ask the cashier where the munch is located and they'll point you in the right direction, or just listen for the loud party.


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( Please note: All locations for the munches are subject to change in date or location. We do not organize any of these munches. We will try to update any new information as quickly as possible. Always best to call ahead! )

2 thoughts on “Surrey Munch”

  1. Hi!

    So I would like to come to the surrey munch but I don’t know anybody! I am brand new to the lifestyle and I know nothing and have no buddies to meet with..
    When you meet at knight and day, is there a secret code word to know about? Lol
    Info appreciated

    1. Usually the secret code word: “Where is the Surrey Munch table?” works at the front bar. In this case since it’s a rather big gathering it’s located in the far left back corner. Just listen for the loud ones! 😉

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