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  1. Hiya…..my concern here..is whether or not these gatherings would be an appropriate place for myself ….being a C.D…to connect w/other like-minded C.D.s…w/the objective being eventual consentual play-time meet-up(s)…`cause..other than the ultra-fantastic outfits/apparel,etc,I`m not into BDSM….light spankings are about as kinky as I get…(Of course,I`d be showing up @said munch in “Guy Mode”…lol)…Thank You for your advice + consideration in this matter…xxoooo Leigha

    1. The dress code is “Nilla-Casual” so showing up in your “Guy Mode” isn’t a problem. And the Kinksters at the Munch are usually quite open minded and helpful. Which they could point you in the right direction. Good luck!

  2. I am new to this whole concept and not sure what I am looking for. I know what I am not interested in but not much after that. I am looking for a strong female who is straight to maybe tell me some more about this. I am a straight woman who is a little lost and would appreciate some guidance. Would anyone who is a strong female who is in command of her own sexual o’s and is straight would mind passing on some wisdom please email me to start a conversation. I live in New Westminster area. I am new to BC and don’t know anyone here that can help me. Thanks

  3. This is probably a silly question; having never attended a munch, how will i identify who is there for the munch and who isn’t? I wouldn’t want to walk up to the wrong group of people which of course would be a bit embarassing.
    Also – i’m 27, male (looking for female) and submissive. Are their often attendees in my age group and dominant?

    Thank you in advance for your reply

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