Abbotsford Munch

Dreams of Leather

Abbotsford Munch
Upcoming dates:

On Sundays:

Roseland Restaurant – 12 – 33550 South Fraser way Abbotsford.
Call: (604) 852-1699

First Sundays of the month.

Thursday Abbotsford Munch
Now Canceled

( Please note: All locations for the munches are subject to change in date or location. We do not organize any of these munches. We will try to update any new information as quickly as possible. As always, best to call ahead! )

3 thoughts on “Abbotsford Munch”

  1. Can you tell me if there is an “adult spanking group” in Abbotsford? And if “yes”, how can I contact them? Perhaps an email address..?

    1. Are there groups to connect to in Abbotsford? if so How do I make contact?

      When attending a “MUNCH” do I walk in and ask for the “MUNCH” ????? or what?


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