Munches are an excellent way to meet like-minded people and introduce yourself into the community of kink. A munch is often held in a non-judgmental public environment in a vanilla establishment such as a restaurant or other meeting place. Not always a bar or pub. So no, kink related activities should not occur. 19+!

Munches  are an excellent way into fetish events around Vancouver or just events to meet fetish people in Vancouver. Defined as a group of similarly interested adults, Munches should have those in attendance, even at a public venue, 19+! Munches should always be free to attend. Meals that the Kinkster consumes should obviously be between the individual patron attending the Munch venue aka restaurant or other eating establishment. Simply put, You eat, you pay.

[ Location of Munch + Munch = Spuzzum Munch ]  ( No real Munch in Spuzzum, BC. currently.. Just always loved the name.. )

( If you're looking for Vancouver, WA Munches, try here, Find A Munch  )

Upcoming dates:

Vancouver Munches

This is a list of Lower Mainland Munches around the Vancouver BC, area. Metro Vancouver area munches. Find the munches near me!

If you're looking for a upcoming munch date, go here for the full event listings.

( Note: All locations for the munches are subject to change in date or location. does not organize any of these munches. We will try to update any new information as quickly as possible. Change of locations can happen the day of the munch! Munches around Vancouver are usually volunteer run, volunteer's change, move or even have abruptly quit the BDSM / Kink lifestyle. If you know of a change in location or time / date change, let us know via email.  As always, best to call ahead! )


Abbotsford Munch:

Roseland Restaurant - 12 - 33550 South Fraser way Abbotsford (604) 852-1699

First Sundays of the month.
Abbotsford Munch FetLife Group [ Required Login ]

Thursday Night Munch

Thursday munch

*Now Canceled*


Burnaby Munch:

Joey Burnaby - 109 - 1899 Rosser Ave.  Burnaby, BC (604)564-5639

Status: Unknown.  Last Munch date: 2014

Would you consider taking over the Munch?

Burnaby Munch FetLife Group [ Required Login ]


Chilliwack Munch:

Last Munch:2016

Chilliwack Munch FetLife Group [ Required Login ]

Upcoming dates:


Langley Munch:

Montana's Restaurant - 20090 91A Avenue, Langley. (604) 513-1242

Langley Munch FetLife Group [ Required Login ]

Upcoming dates:

New Westminster:

New Westminster Munch :

Has moved to Newbie munch format.

New West Newbie Munch

“ Presented by Metro Vancouver Kink (MVK)”

Boston Pizza –  1045 Columbia St, New Westminster, BC

Upcoming dates:


Richmond Munch:
Not currently active.

Richmond Munch FetLife Group [ Required Login ]

Surrey / Fraser Valley:

Surrey Munch:

Knight & Day Restaurant - 9677 King George Boulevard, Surrey. (604) 588-7575

Second and fourth Wednesdays of the month.
Surrey/ Fraser Valley FetLife Group [ Required Login ]

Upcoming dates:


Tri-City Sunday Brunch:

*Now Canceled*

Vancouver, BC


Vancouver - Downtown Munch

The Old Spaghetti Factory  - 53 Water St Vancouver BC

Upcoming dates:

Vancouver - East Side Munch
*Now Canceled*

Vancouver - West Side Munch:

Boston Pizza 190 1333 W Broadway Vancouver.  (604) 730-2822

First Wednesdays of the month.
Upcoming dates:


This munch listing is only to promote munches in your area. This does not mean you have to only attend the munch in your area. It is just a suggestion so there isn't much of travel time restraints. You can attend any munch you wish.

NOTE: Be sure to call ahead, confirm with the restaurant / venue that there is a meeting, gathering under their respective names.

Know of a great munch that isn't listed here, contact us .

Note: There are some non-specific, or too-specific munches that have been either re-named, defunct, exclusionary, or otherwise left off our Vancouver Munch list.


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February 18, 2013 7:37 PM

I was wondering how I contact someone from the East Side Munch group, I am interested in attending but a time is not listed for the meetup.


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