Sex stores Vancouver


Sex stores Vancouver

This is a list of Sexual apparel & Toys stores otherwise known as Sex shops. The term Sex shops doesn't really do these companies justice as they offer so much more than just sexual items. Vancouver is a fun city that just has memory problems of what Vancouverites used to enjoy.

After having enjoyed a sexual revelation with our world renown strip clubs. And recently closed down pornography movie house. We can take comfort in knowing that some of these "sex shops" in Vancouver will always be around.

Art of Loving 1819 West 5th Ave  Vancouver. (888) 294-1821

Books Unlimited - 1083 Granville Street, Vancouver

Fantasy Factory -

Honey Gifts - 3448 Cambie Street, Vancouver

In the mood 123 Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver

Little Sister's 1238 Davie Street,  Vancouver. (604) 669-1753

Love's Touch1069 Davie Street,  Vancouver. ( 604) 681-7024

Priape - 1148 Davie Street, Vancouver

Sweet Adult Store - 1402 W. Broadway, Vancouver

The Love Nest -

Ultra-Love 1151 Davie Street, Vancouver. (604) 687-2337

Womyns Ware  896 Commercial Dr  Vancouver. (604) 254-2543

 Sex stores Vancouver

No matter what kink or personal pleasure item your into, we're sure these stores will help you find the much needed accessory to enhance your scene.  Bondage gear in Vancouver is a lot easier to find now although there are speciality stores who handcraft their wares, such as Dreams of Leather and Silky's Sins for a start! Check out our Kinky Business Page for more!

Sex stores Vancouver

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Kurtis Bezeau
Kurtis Bezeau
October 9, 2013 7:18 AM

Hi there I have a excellient bondage leather gear set gag ball all leather gear. Expensive but taking offers. Do you buy. Or do you know who dose? Thanks for your time