Scene music


Scene music

Ever wanted to have a slightly different tempo for your scene. If it's a private function or a public scene, your selection of music can enhance your scene. Pick the wrong music and it will most certainly destroy any scene you've tried to produce.

We have found the best scene music there is, is a collection of different beats and tempos that will almost shock your play partner out of a sleeping scenario. As some music can actually put some people to sleep. You want music that changes it up, changes tempo and even speed. We all have been guilty of say flogging to the tempo, so the slaps are timed with the bass drum. That tempo can get some into a trance or sleep. We have even heard of some play partners calling yellow light on these occurrences.

You want modern songs, not so much popular songs. As the tempo are set too fast. The great thing is with MP3 players you can set a play list to what you feel would enhance your play session and also help out with the flow of the session. Building with music to a climax then also include a time for after care ( should the action be necessary with negotiations. )

Music is only meant to increase your arrangement of musical selections for your scene.

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Scene Music

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