Vancouver Fetish Scene


The Vancouver Fetish Scene is very much alive and well. It has changed considerably even in the last year 2011 since started promoting local Fetish Vancouver events!  Some venues have had issues that only heritage buildings can have causing the event to be moved to another location. And yet they forge on!

Vancouver Fetish Scene

As newer Vancouver Fetish Events emerge, since 2007  MVK or Metro Vancouver Kink, which happens at the first Saturday of every month and is quickly becoming a University of Kink by holding seminars and lectures before each monthly Vancouver Dungeon event, the other Events become more and more common. Always a great time at MVK! Maritime Labour Centre, 1880 Triumph Street, Vancouver

A long time player in the Vancouver Fetish Scene Sin City Fetish Night, which happens twice a month on the second and fourth Saturdays. Please note that Sin City has temporarily moved to 926 Main Street, Vancouver BC , and is currently on the prowl. Sin City has gone nomadic, testing out various locations and this gives a different feel to each location.

Noir Fetish Ball has unfortunately ended..

Rascal's Club which just came off their 10 year event in September 2012, following Sin City's 10 Year anniversary, has risen to one of "The Must Attend" events of the monthly fetish calendar. Rascal's Club happens the third Saturday of every month.

Rascal's Club is still going strong in 2018!

Some of the music from these public play parties can be found here in our Scene music selection. They can enhance any private or public play party creating a memorable scene for all those who attend.

Vancouver Fetish Scene

Vancouver Fetish Scene

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