Rascals Club History

Rascals Club, started by Brian K. a.k.a. Rascal in April 2002, was created to address the need of kinksters to have a Safe, Non-judgmental place to gather and indulge in erotic BDSM. Rascals Club, located a beautiful heritage building nestled in the East Vancouver area called Wise Hall located at 1886 Adanac Street, was then introduced to the city of Vancouver.

With a spacious Dungeon having some of the most unique apparatuses to play on, a pub-like Social Area with a licensed bar and a friendly staff, Rascals Club has grown to become a popular volunteer driven event happening on the third Saturday of the month.

In 2006 Rascals Club was passed on to Gem who, with her crew of volunteers, turns the monthly event into a memorable time out while promoting a Safe, Sane and Consensual environment for people to explore BDSM and their kink in a non-judging atmosphere.

Rascals Club

Located in an Old Heritage theater, Rascals has a great ambience, dim lights, great music and the occasional fabulous scream. The people who attend Rascals Club are friendly and welcoming making Rascals a great place to network and learn about BDSM - Newcomers and voyeurs are always welcomed. Rascals is a great place to meet others in the Vancouver BDSM community.

How can Rascals Club become even better you ask? Well, Gem has plans to acquire new and exciting equipment to keep those who partake enthralled and those who look on amazed. This with plans to keep changing and mixing things up with different BDSM Theme Nights so as to enhance the kink enthusiasts experience at Rascals Club.

Rascals Club

Safe, Sane and Consensual is the mantra at Rascals Club. At Rascals no membership or reservations are required and there is ample free parking. Rascals Club is located in a well lit, safe neighborhood. For those who want to show up just to watch, partake, network or set up for a future play date you are welcome to do so. Let Rascals Club be your main memory for an exciting weekend.

Check out the Rascals Club website here.

Rascals Club Play Party

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