Vancouver Pride Parade


Vancouver Pride Parade 

In this Annual Event, a usual week long event of Parties, Education and Events, is a celebration of diversity, that starts the last weekend of July and runs until the first week end in August, for any gender or kink here in Vancouver, BC.

With all the events that are normally held all week long, there is sure to be some event that speaks to you at the Vancouver Pride Parade.  With over 125,000 people in attendance in 2010, the Vancouver Pride Parade is sure to be another hit this year. The parade itself starts at around Noon on the first Sunday in August.

For a full description of the day click here.  Here is a map of the Vancouver Pride Parade route.

For information on parties & events around the Vancouver Pride Parade parties. There are a lot of events planned and some really great charities that could certainly use some help.

The start area map:

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Vancouver Pride Parade

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