Noir Fetish Ball Vancouver

Noir Fetish Ball Vancouver

NOTE: Unfortunately Noir Fetish Ball has ended. The last Noir was January 16,2016

Noir Fetish Ball Vancouver is a relative new comer to the Vancouver Fetish Scene, after celebrating their 10th Anniversary, Noir Fetish Ball Vancouver has now unfortunately closed.


Noir Vancouver was started by Reive D, back in 2009, who was instrumental with starting then BIO ( 2004  - 2006 ), has branched out to start another popular fetish event in the Vancouver Fetish Scene with Noir Fetish Ball.

Noir Fetish Ball Vancouver

Noir had dance and techno music with live DJs and a small dungeon for those daring enough to have public play. Or even to satisfy  the voyeur in you. Sit have a drink, listen to some music and watch  someone get spanked. What better time can you think of?

Be  forewarned however Noir has a strict dress code which you can be turned away from the door if you are not in some sort of fetish clothing. Street clothes are not allowed. So if you are going to Noir for the very first time, probably best to check out their website to ensure you don't get to the door then denied entry.

Noir Fetish Ball is sure to be one of the long standing Vancouver Fetish Clubs in the future!

Noir Fetish Ball Vancouver information:

    • Music: Dance & Techno.
    • Doors open 9PM to 2AM
      • Age: 19 + years old
    • Dress code: Strict Fetish code, no street wear.
    • Noir's Dungeon Monitors present.
    • Parking near venue.
    • Cover charge $15, or $12 before 10pm. ( subject to change )



 Noir Fetish Ball Vancouver

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Noir Vancouver

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