Vancouver Fetish Clubs

Vancouver Fetish Clubs

These fetish events happen a few times per month.  But these clubs turned Vancouver Fetish Clubs will hold Vancouver fetish events on a regular basis.

If you're having a hard time understanding think of the Vancouver Fetish Clubs as they lean towards music and dancing,  think regular bar with consensual spanking allowed in certain areas.  These Vancouver fetish clubs are licensed establishments and so they do check ID. And they do have dungeon monitors present in each of these fetish clubs. Remember, the Dungeon Monitors ruling is final. So play safe and sane always!

Sin City Fetish Night

One of the longest running and more popular Vancouver Fetish Clubs which occurs twice monthly  at ImperialSin City Fetish Night is just coming down from celebrating their 11th year anniversary.

Originally Club 23 hosted the Betty Page Perve Society back in 2000, which moved on to another location. From that "Sin City" evolved into what it is today. Sin City Fetish Night is so big now, Sin City has two monthly events which run the second and last Saturday of each month presented by Restricted Entertainment and hosted by DJ Pandemonium.

Both events have dance floors, seating & tables. A medium sized dungeon with some equipment with normal Dungeon rules apply.

Both events are a good time, lots of great people and great music. Security is excellent ( and kinda cute too, but don't tell them that!! ).

The only real draw back with Sin City Fetish Night is parking as there is none located directly around within a short walk you can usually find a parking spot. Or take a taxi to the club. Or impress other bus riders..

Vancouver Fetish Clubs

"Noir Fetish Ball Vancouver" has closed which was another monthly event, which happened on the 3rd Saturdays of the month. Dancing and various dungeon areas.  BDSM equipment with suspension areas.

Vancouver Fetish Clubs

These Vancouver fetish clubs  mostly abide by normal Dungeon rules found in almost any other fetish club or fetish event.  As per usual the dungeon monitors ruling is final in all fetish clubs, so mind yourself! Respect others and play safe and sane!

If you have never been to a Vancouver fetish clubs before consider reading up on proper etiquette and Dungeon rules for Dungeon scenes. Have some basic knowledge of how a scene works before partaking in any Vancouver fetish clubs. Fetish club Vancouver

Don't care for the Vancouver fetish clubs  scene, why not try Vancouver fetish events ?

We all want to have fun and remember the good times at these Vancouver Fetish Clubs. So play safe & sane!

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My partner and I are looking for a club or event where we can have sex amongst onlookers and others doing the same.
Are there such venues available?


Desperate for watersports with a group of men….is there such a sub-group here????
Videos just don’t cut it!!!!


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