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    1. It would be great to see a calendar with all the parties listed on one page.
      It would make it so much easier to plan a trip at a glance.

    2. Im looking for a collar for my sub/wife to wear she is going to the noir fetish ball this weekend so time is a factor please reply by Tuesday if possible
      Thanks, DomNic

    3. Am in Vancouver on the 2nd & heard about the munch on Alt. I’ve never attended one but am curious. Any comments or tips?

    4. Hello,

      I will go to Vancouver for trip and I would like to get knowledge about BDSM. Where can I find women who offers that services?

      I`ll be appreciate for your help.


    5. I was wondering how I contact someone from the East Side Munch group, I am interested in attending but a time is not listed for the meetup.

    6. Awesome stuff! I am coming to Vancouver on June 10 and wonder if you have any events or other stuff happening around that time???

      Also looking for session wrestling if you know of anything like that…


    7. It’s actually a cool and useful piece of information. I am satisfied that you simply shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

    8. Can you tell me if there is an “adult spanking group” in Abbotsford? And if “yes”, how can I contact them? Perhaps an email address..?

      1. Are there groups to connect to in Abbotsford? if so How do I make contact?

        When attending a “MUNCH” do I walk in and ask for the “MUNCH” ????? or what?


    9. Hi there I have a excellient bondage leather gear set gag ball all leather gear. Expensive but taking offers. Do you buy. Or do you know who dose? Thanks for your time

    10. Hiya… concern whether or not these gatherings would be an appropriate place for myself ….being a C.D…to connect w/other like-minded C.D.s…w/the objective being eventual consentual play-time meet-up(s)…`cause..other than the ultra-fantastic outfits/apparel,etc,I`m not into BDSM….light spankings are about as kinky as I get…(Of course,I`d be showing up @said munch in “Guy Mode”…lol)…Thank You for your advice + consideration in this matter…xxoooo Leigha

      1. The dress code is “Nilla-Casual” so showing up in your “Guy Mode” isn’t a problem. And the Kinksters at the Munch are usually quite open minded and helpful. Which they could point you in the right direction. Good luck!

    11. I am new to this whole concept and not sure what I am looking for. I know what I am not interested in but not much after that. I am looking for a strong female who is straight to maybe tell me some more about this. I am a straight woman who is a little lost and would appreciate some guidance. Would anyone who is a strong female who is in command of her own sexual o’s and is straight would mind passing on some wisdom please email me to start a conversation. I live in New Westminster area. I am new to BC and don’t know anyone here that can help me. Thanks

    12. Curious to start my New Years resolution tonight – what kind of conversations can we expect to have at the Munch tonight?

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    14. So what exactly is this munch thing? I really would like to go to some events but no one I know is into this sorta thing so it would be really sweet to meet some people in the community.

    15. Question; We are looking for something, maybe you can help.

      To clarify, we live a 2hr drive away from an airport which would give us access to a 2hr flight to a metropolitan area, so, would like to shop online first, as travel to check something out is very costly.

      We’d like a pro, who is discreet. Someplace where we could come, to have me stripped down to my underwear (male chastity device :), and strapped down to a table or such, for my wife to tease/torture me until SHE is happy (maybe with a Dom’s help?) , to be followed by nipple piercing while I am still restrained/gagged/etc. A very erotic type setting would be nice, maybe semi public with those present who are similarly inclined, maybe not. ???

      Then maybe attend a bdsm or fetish event, or a similar social setting for drinks and R&R, meet some people, and a hotel/motel/B&B with a great restaurant , whatever, where certain fetish wear would not be looked down upon or questioned. Nothing real stupid, to give you an idea, My wife would probably be dressed in a skirted power suit, and myself in a suit as well, but maybe wearing a steel collar instead of tie, maybe heels instead of wingtips πŸ™‚

      What can you recommend?

      1. Our only advice is to attend one of our many public events listed on our main page, there you maybe able to find someone willing to help you out with your fantasies. Good Luck! πŸ™‚

    16. Hi!

      So I would like to come to the surrey munch but I don’t know anybody! I am brand new to the lifestyle and I know nothing and have no buddies to meet with..
      When you meet at knight and day, is there a secret code word to know about? Lol
      Info appreciated

      1. Usually the secret code word: “Where is the Surrey Munch table?” works at the front bar. In this case since it’s a rather big gathering it’s located in the far left back corner. Just listen for the loud ones! πŸ˜‰

    17. I am wondering if I may get some info on the North Vancouver Munch please
      Address and major cross streets I am not familiar with the north shore area

    18. i am happy to spend time with everyone, but ultimately i am primarily looking for ways to connect with kinky bdsm gay Dom men. Is the munch typically well attended? What are my chances? i’d be disappointed if i drove from Bellingham and no one else showed up!

      1. One point to clarify first, this is for Vancouver, BC, Canada and the surrounding areas. Usually the munches up here are well attended, some more than others. The munches in Vancouver seem to be the most popular, however Langley munch & Surrey munch are continually having the most attendees show up.

        Remember that any munch is more for a vanilla ( aka coffee house ) setting in which kinksters gather to converse and discuss past/present scenes. Note: There isn’t really a specific orientation for a munch, specifically “kinky BDSM gay Dom men” as of yet, however in the future there could be. Not wanting to miss lead.

        Since the hosts for each munch don’t always confirm with us or extremely late to confirm, we try to keep all the information current, it still is best to contact either the host directly or the location to confirm they have reservations for that specific munch on that night.

    19. Looking for a n inexpensive male chastity device.
      Would you know where I could purchase one.
      preferably hand made. Thanks.

    20. I will be in Vancouver June 9 – 16. Have an Asian friend that would like to find a gay male bondage dungeon party to play. Open minded and had been to a few. Is there anything in Vancouver

      1. We have weekly events throughout the month, every month, so yes there will be something for you both. Check out our event listings here. All events are not restrictive as many of the rest of the countries events. Everyone as long as their 19+ is welcomed at Vancouver Fetish Events.

    21. My submissive and I are traveling from Red Deer to Vancouver in Feb. We are wondering what kinds of events are going on with the kink community, as we would love to join you while we are there.

    22. Back in Lower Mainland after a number of years and glad to see the scene has flourished, somewhat. I look forward to attending events.

    23. Hello,

      Ive been searching through all the fetish sites and forums and I cant seem to find a water sports scene. Does anyone know if there are any organized watersports nights? Or do you know of anyone who has their own personal parties at their own residence? I really need some help finding like minded kinky people who want to get wet!


    24. This is probably a silly question; having never attended a munch, how will i identify who is there for the munch and who isn’t? I wouldn’t want to walk up to the wrong group of people which of course would be a bit embarassing.
      Also – i’m 27, male (looking for female) and submissive. Are their often attendees in my age group and dominant?

      Thank you in advance for your reply

    25. Good afternoon,

      My husband and I are looking to spice things up in our relationship. I’m just wondering what this event exactly consists of.
      Would it be possible to have a few details? Just so we know what we’d be getting into?

      Thank you,

    26. My partner and I are looking for a club or event where we can have sex amongst onlookers and others doing the same.
      Are there such venues available?

    27. I got started in BDSM about 30 years ago. Me and my partner attended a fetish club night at a hall downtown. Being new, I was freaked out about some of the things that went on! After going home and thinking about it I realized that my fetishes are weird to some just as others fetishes are weird to others. The fetish community in Vancouver is diverse. If it was divided into small little fetish sections it would no longer be viable. Attend the events. Thank the organizers. Leave with all the info you want to leave with. After 30 years I am still a newbie, but I don’t judge anymore!

    28. Sorry, I might also comment that with attending the events you can find out about workshops detailing specific fetishes. Some might be of interest to 1 person. Some may be of interest to lots. But there is always some kind of info geared towards a wide spectrum of fetishes. Support the community and it will support you!

    29. hi how r u not sure if im at the right place but im just a 32 year old guy who pretty much wants to be tied up just a basic tie up wit rope and pink duct tape wit a pair of panties shoved in my mouth before u gag me maybe a blindfold as well lol and might as well put a pair of pantie hoes over my head as well

    30. As per the Uncomfortable Podcast,The term “Sex Party” would be best described as a BDSM event, or in this case Fetish event, since they were discussing Sin City Fetish Night There are only a few Fetish parties around Vancouver that allow sexual intercourse at their event. Same goes for Vancouver BDSM Events.

      1. @Fetmiss how do you learn about those events? We are new to the city and exploring.
        I appreciate the help if you’re able xo

      2. I’m dying to go to one of these events, love to know when next one is and I’m hoping I don’t have to dress bdsm im not really into pleasure and pain.

    31. i have been waiting for pics of the 2018 Military Fetish Ball last November, but have not seen anything. did i miss something?

    32. I am a single male looking to meet couples or single female that would like to explore various
      fetishes. what are the rules for singles and wondering if masturbation is allowed

    33. Hi I’m my name is mike n**ls . I’ve been curious and interested about this but to embarrassed to engage. The thought and ergue has been on my mind to openly come to a meet up with my wife as a stepping stone / question answering experience . I’m not sure if I’m off the deep end but please respond accordingly. Ps I’m obsessed with the abdl lifestyle/playπŸ’–

      1. Only if you have an Incontinence issue… This is not a Dungeon, it is a public space, so no fetishes on display, please.

      1. Once this is done, the Events around Vancouver will return, We’re not sure in what form they will take. Remember, this entire debacle as caused by lack of communication, lying and not washing their hands…

    34. Outside pressures, like Family/Religion/social communities, can lead to Deluding aka Lying to yourself. This, in turn, causes you to LIe to others – sometimes knowingly other times not so much. Yet Delusion is still a Lie. to self to others.

    35. Hi this is my first entry into this lifestyle, I am happily newly single, I am not looking for sexual intimacy as much as I’m looking to explore my erotic self. I am educated, bespoke,an established artist and I love to watch,
      I am heterosexual, with a firm belief that who and how you love emotional or sexually is your right and no ones business.

    36. Hi
      I’m new to Vancouver and looking for like minded men that are into deep throating. I am more submissive and looking to meet men that enjoy being aggressive while being deep throated. I’m hoping there might be a fetish group that I can join that might be into this.

      1. Once this pandemic is done ( if ever… ), there may be a new club to rise up. Apparently glory holes are safe…

        Be careful out there! Live to play another day!!

    37. whens the next of these happening? I’m a big sub that’s always wanted to be tied up shibari style in a room full of people….I’d love to experience this

      1. This wasn’t an actual event, this is an example of how a Consenting BDSM Scene should be like. A guide line on how one should conduct oneself. Read more on conduct here.

        As for when we’ll be able to go out to events, our guess is when we hit Stage 4. And those have learned to stay home when sick and wash hands regularly….

        This is why we can’t have nice things…

        1. Thanks for the reply! Totally get what your saying, and yeah…it is indeed why we cant have nice things :c

          Hopefully things like this could happen sometime next year though, here’s to hoping! *fingers crossed*

    38. Hi i want to be part of BDSM community,have been doing it from last two years online, now want to do in real life too..
      Munches are a great way to know about like minded people..

      Please allow me to join

    39. With regards to the Events page , We are going by month to month currently, removing events as we get closer to an end. Nobody knows when the Vancouver kink scene will re-open.

      We hope sooner than later, as We’re all starting to feel it, a year under lock-down…

      Stay Safe and Kinky my friends!

    40. My bf and I are looking for the same entertainment. Looking for couples or women to join in with us in a classy bdsm atmosphere.

    41. i am interested in bdsm and would like to explore the kink world I’m a 5o yr old single lady and would like to know more what should i know and where to get more info??