New events entries

New events entries

Dreams of Leather

Use this to transmit the information you wish to be listed on our Event Listings Page. This is a free service from  Be sure to update this information as events change, venues change and even events change owners.

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Fill out this form as best you can. Often,  we can only verify so much with the time allotted before the event.

Be sure to include:

  • 18 + w/No Liquor license | 19+ w/Liquor license
  • Event Title
  • Month
  • Day
  • Event Times ( Start time and End time )
  • Event Frequency
  • Address of your event
  • Event Graphics or Photos, we like graphics/photos that are around 512x512 in size, no nudity and all must be covered.
  • Door entry fees.

Verify your information before you hit send. We can't always verify your information in case of mistakes. does not accept any responsibility of errors from your information sent.

Just fill and send.

First ( Scene Names are acceptable, Not Published )
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Enter the contact person's name, scene name or name of events are acceptable. Will be published.
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Does your event a repeat?
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Add your event's address here. You must have a public address. We use Google Maps to help our Kinksters find their designation.
If your event doesn't have a website, enter N/A for Non Applicable .
Are there DM's or Dungeon Monitors present at your event?
Add any relevant instructions here.
Add the link to your event graphic or photo, no large photos, around 512x512 in size if possible, no nudity, all must be covered! We do not hot-link photos/graphics. If you can only email the photo or graphic, enter Email into the field.
What is the event cost for entry to this event? For Free entry enter zero.


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