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    1. i am happy to spend time with everyone, but ultimately i am primarily looking for ways to connect with kinky bdsm gay Dom men. Is the munch typically well attended? What are my chances? i’d be disappointed if i drove from Bellingham and no one else showed up!

      1. One point to clarify first, this is for Vancouver, BC, Canada and the surrounding areas. Usually the munches up here are well attended, some more than others. The munches in Vancouver seem to be the most popular, however Langley munch & Surrey munch are continually having the most attendees show up.

        Remember that any munch is more for a vanilla ( aka coffee house ) setting in which kinksters gather to converse and discuss past/present scenes. Note: There isn’t really a specific orientation for a munch, specifically “kinky BDSM gay Dom men” as of yet, however in the future there could be. Not wanting to miss lead.

        Since the hosts for each munch don’t always confirm with us or extremely late to confirm, we try to keep all the information current, it still is best to contact either the host directly or the location to confirm they have reservations for that specific munch on that night.

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