Top 5 Bad Behaviours

Top 5 Bad Behaviours

This series focuses on those bad behaviors that some in the lifestyle have or have experienced. These writings are intended to encourage you think about attitudes or situations.

We're not necessarily focusing on Dominants ( Doms / Dommes ) or Tops which most commonly are deemed the only ones with these relationship destructing attitudes, some submissives also exhibit these behaviours as well. This collection aren't targeted at one person, or one group. The only reason we've written these articles ( 2012 ) is to show that life isn't all a scene. For some, the 24/7 365 lifestyle can work.

As a Domme, I practice Consent and Assent . I negotiate with the potential play partner, tell them that this is what we are going to do, and for how long, also going into a little show and tell expose on what implements I'm going to use during the scene. Then ask if they understand or have questions.

To new Dominants, I suggest you use safewords ( not just for the submissives/bottoms ), at least at first with your new play partner, this is as much for your protection as for your new bottom or submissive. Later after months, years of play, then you can drop the safewords due to the proven history between you. And FYI, you can end a scene prematurely because of  a number of things.

To the new submissives/bottoms/slaves, educate yourself, go to Munches , ask questions, read what you can on BDSM. Take it all with a grain of salt as not all will apply to you.. Just don't assume it's a simple ordeal.

In BDSM, What we do can be sometimes be dangerous, so we try to mitigate the chances of accidents, playing with a head clear of rage or anger, sober, etc.  Having a good knowledge of physiology and dangerous areas of the body is also highly desirable.

Take a look at our list, comment on them.

( Originally written by sub1 )
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