Frequently Asked Questions;

Q. There are other sites around, so why this site?

A. Most other sites do not focus solely on one location. They cannot if they are a global site. We only focus on Public Fetish Events around the Vancouver B.C. area. 19+!

Q. Are there really enough BDSM or Fetish events in Vancouver to warrant a site?

A. Yes there is. We've been going since 2011!  Promoting all the fun, adult, kinky events around Vancouver, Canada!

Vancouver is a great city, a world class city. We had world renown strip clubs that brought in travelers the world over. We have some of the best fetish events around!

The BDSM and Fetish events are on a monthly rotation, these events are split into two categories. Vancouver BDSM events are usually held once per month and held in a auditorium or large hall.

Where as Vancouver Fetish events are held in a club, usually has drinking and music. Some lite BDSM play at these events, best of think of as being seen, as to being in the scene.

Both style of events are for those 19+! Bring Government ID.


Q. How do I get into BDSM or Kink?

A. Go to a Munch! There you could find helpful adults who are experienced, they should be able to explain about Consent and proper Dungeon etiquette. ( NEVER walk into a BDSM Scene without an invitation!! )

Q. Some of these events seem dangerous.

A. They may seem dangerous, there are some responsible people around.  Often they will answer your questions, help you out with advice. You only need to ask. Vancouver kink people who want to explore their fetishes safely and sane.

Be sure to ask questions, read up on techniques. Negotiate first, Play safe!! Remember your safe word(s)! Consent is for everyone 19+! ( And for 18 year olds too,  even though they are legal, just can't get into any of the public Dungeons as of yet. )

Q. Oh I just discovered a new kink/event/club!

A. Great share it with us, every day people are discovering new fetish events, new kinks, new clubs. The only way we can promote this all is to have a site like this devoted to Kink in Vancouver!


 Q. I'm looking for kink ware ( Floggers, Whips..etc ), where can I buy them?

A.  Try our Fetish Directory ! Check out some of these great shops and services around Vancouver and the lower mainland. We get to boast that some of our best Leather Crafts people live in our awesome city!

Q. I want to see upcoming events!

A. Check out our calendar of fetish events around Vancouver. We're listing them daily, since there's a lot of them it will take some time but check back often!

 Q. I'll be in the Vancouver area for a event, where can I stay?

A. Try here you Kinky Traveler, our listings for known kink friendly hotels, motels and hostels. Something to fit any budget. ( Taxis can make you wait for quite awhile in Vancouver. Best to see about Taxi apps! ) Check out our calendar of fetish events!


Q. Are these BDSM Events safe for newbies? 

A. We have been to these events and have experienced the wonders of BDSM in our Public Dungeons. And for that very reason we ONLY promote Public Dungeon events around Vancouver, BC, Canada and the surrounding areas.

Many events around our fair city have Newbie tables, for those new to Kink or BDSM. We do suggest stopping by a Munch first. It does help finding a Kink Buddy to go along with. Plus it's a great way to meet liked minded adults!

We also will continue to attend these events on an occasional basis.




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