About Us


About Us

FetVancouver.com was started in October 2011, we are a group of like-minded adults who want to promote a kink filled lifestyle. We believe in safe and sane play. Respecting boundaries of others as we all explore this thing we call kink.  What ever your consensual fetish is usually it can be found around the Vancouver area.

About Us

While we are not associated with any one particular group or establishment,  our reviews are honest and unbiased. We do frequent the local kink scene in Vancouver, we just felt that there was a huge hole and lacking in organization to properly promote fetish events in Vancouver, BC, Canada. And we kept hearing about how small the kink community was.

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We just love Vancouver, the city, the people, the whole west coast vibe. We know Vancouver is a great city and we really want to help promote our alternative lifestyles in Vancouver. We've had the label of the "City that fun forgot!"  We felt we needed to turn this around, and show Vancouverites that there is some kinky events in the city.

So this about us isn't just about us per se, no, it's more about the community of kink we enjoy in our awesome city. Be sure to stop in to one of these great venues and check it out. With GPS enabled navigation that takes you right up to the door of the fetish store or the fetish event or club with your smartphone using our mobile site.  You can grab our Android App too while you're here on our about us page.

Find something you wanted to share? Consider Contacting Us.

We hope that this site will help you in finding a safe environment in which you can explore your kinky side.

Be safe and sane!


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