Munches are NOT places to Get Laid!

Munches are NOT places to hook up!

Munches which are defined as a place such as a restaurant or public house to meet with other adults ( Non-Dungeon event ) 18+ to Consensually discuss BDSM. No Kink is allowed as it is set in a Vanilla-type setting. Which wouldn't be considered Munch Etiquette!

Yes, there is a Munch Etiquette! Give respect, pay for what you eat or drink, be pleasant and bathe prior... So why is it that people still feel the need to explain the fact that this isn't some hook up central, or a swipe left brothel!

Munches are a great place to put a face behind the Scene name, once discovered, keep that information to yourself as you always respect that and never, ever "out" the Kinkster. That's called "Trust"

Rather than read about BDSM, as it seems that some only just assume, they figure that its best to get permission after the fact. When Assumptions are the Mother of all FcUK Ups!!!  ( Purposeful misspelling, Oh, they read inaccurate novel/movie fantasy series on BDSM believing the lies on what BDSM really, truly is! ) Best to get Consent prior!

At Munches you can ask questions and explore topics like; What's is Consent?

The answer should be something like;

Consent is for all!!!

19+! ( For Public Dungeons )

Basically, it's what you do and don't like to do. What you like and don't like to do. Don't like to get spanked, that can be a Hard Limit for Impact Play.

Recently having read something so incredulously stupid on another website, stating that the kinkster didn't have any Hard Limits, mainly because they were never, ever "given permission" to claim to have Limitations, or Hard Limits in BDSM. Which is completely wrong, in Canada, you have Consent!

If this sounds familiar, borrow our personal list of Hard Limits;

Hard Limits: No Minors! 19+!, No Zoofilia, No Necrophilia, No Scat, Vomit!

The first Hard Limit listed should be obvious, as they can't Consent, being as they're not 19+!  ( And their lives should NEVER be tainted!!! ) The entire list is common sense, if you think about it. They can't give Consent,  Not 19+ in age, ( also if they can't speak then, non-verbal during a scene. ) and all the rest are just plain gross!! ( And, some are even illegal... )

We've purposely repeated ourselves in this article all in the hopes that some will actually read/ comprehend...

Munches are NOT places to Get Laid!

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May 13, 2022 12:04 PM

Are there any munch happening anymore?

May 22, 2022 7:45 AM
Reply to  Mike

I would love to know the answer to that one also.