Munch Etiquette

Yes, there is a BDSM Munch Etiquette!

  • Keep your hands to yourself ( Should be a common practice! )!
  • Never Out another Kinkster!
  • Give Respect, to get Respect!
  • Pay for what you eat or drink ( Only fair! )!
  • Be pleasant, nobody likes a douche-bag..
  • Bathe or shower prior... pffew..
  • Find out if the Munch has a reservation name, for when you arrive and need directions to where the Munch is being held.

If it is a regular Munch, then it's pretty much Open Topic, regular Munches can happen anywhere there are a group of Kinksters willing to meet up and discuss BDSM and other adult topics.

Newbie Munches which is a much more informative meeting, concise meeting, no real Open Topic as this is a informational meeting where you learn how to navigate a BDSM Dungeon.  Often there could be a strict regiment of topics and time constraints. There could also be a Q&A portion of the Munch..

Nothing ever Kinky goes on at a Munch, discussions of past Scenes and creation of new Scenes can happen at a Munch. But no actual BDSM Scenes ( or Scene-ing ) goes on. Nothing kinky goes on  Still participants of the Munch should always be 18+ in age.

Whether you choose a newbie Munch or a regular Munch, the message should always be the same;  Consent is for everyone 18+!

Unfortunately, you'd still have to be age 19+ to get into most of the Vancouver Dungeons ( We know, we didn't make the rules... )...

If you're still wondering abut rules or etiquette at a Munch, inquire with the Munch Host. They should be able to recite these suggestions.

Munch Etiquette!

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