Kink Saves Minds

What do we mean by that?  "Kink Saves Minds" was a way to shock people into realizing that they held the key to their own happiness!

A way to relieve some stress in their lives by simply allowing themselves the time to rest and relax, or even having a Shibari suspensions scene.  We also had learned of this simple, genius way to relieve stress in our lives at the time.  Welcome to the European concept of "Self Care".

Self Care: the act of keeping ones self together by simply saying, I want to do that!   Whatever "that" is ... if it's Retail Therapy or Consensually flogging someone. Nothing better than to have your play partner stand up against the St Andrews Cross, then flogging them to the point of subspace!  Remember, Consent is Sexy! 

During isolation, perhaps you can try doing lite rope ties on your leg, that way you can practice Shibari by yourself.

Stress on Kinksters gets so bad, that some may even be so stressed out as to leave the lifestyle, from the fear about being found out as being Kinky. Or even being Kink Shamed.  Slut Shamed or whatever type of shame is still popular even to this day, a Shaming du jour...

The fact to remember is, that when those who are the Shamers attacking the victims while pointing fingers at them accusing them of almost anything under the sun, they always have three fingers pointing back at themselves!!

Occasionally we get emails stating some sort of BS that they don't believe in D/s relationships, or that they think BDSM is evil.  Or even some go full religious on us...

With risking of sounding like a shoe commercial. Whatever makes you happy, do it!  Get Consent, Just don't harm others or yourself, Live to play another day. Observe the law and always remember other's YKINMK!!

Kink Saves Minds

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