Vancouver on Lock-down

Future Toilet Paper hoarding prevention

Future Toilet Paper hoarding prevention

The very first time in our history since 2011, We have postponed the Vancouver Kink Weekly, simply because BDSM Events around Vancouver have been cancelled. So,
We felt the need to suggest alternative methods to help our fellow Kinksters navigate these troubling times.

Even though the Kinkster is out at that event, and feeling fine. They've done a self assessment, you don't have a fever and or sneezing profusely. They perform the Cough Pocket, even though they're not ill. Allergies are NOT an illness that can be contracted.

Remembering to wash their hands often, as should be a staple not just when leaving the restroom. Having a hand sanitizer helps, one that does not dry out your hands. Nothing worse than spanking with dry, cracked hands... For the Top, or the bottom!

Experts say to avoid touching your face, ( Yeah, We'd like to ask them to try avoiding touching their face(s)... ) For that, We suggest wearing gloves, or instead, try to avoid just using your fingers, if possible, use your wrist to help any or simply use hand sanitizer or a tissue then touch your face.

Eating healthy and taking a multi-vitamin is also an excellent preemptive approach to staying healthy. Getting exercise also helps your immunity build. Common sense, anyone?

We're not trying to suggest anything that a regular doctor would suggest, only suggesting Breathing. And not panicking!

If the Kinkster does feel ill, it's best if the Kinkster contacts their Doctor, from there often they can do a over-the-phone assessment and even write a Dr's note email to give some time away from work. As it would be best if the Kinkster who's feeling under the weather, stays at home and recuperates. Being responsible and not spreading the current illness.

What does this mean with some events cancelling?

This is unfortunate, We don't like to see events cancel or postpone, as this will create a back log of events. And even some events may not be able to recover. Which would really be unfortunate. As each event in Vancouver currently caters to a specific theme or topic. Some are BDSM and Fetish, with Dungeons and no dancing.

And even just one single event failing and not being able to return, could create a vacuum to which Vancouver wouldn't be able to recuperate from. Vancouver does need to be more inclusive, and considerably less cliquey...

We will be attending more events to try and help out and show support. Some hosts have been shocked to see us alive!

What does this mean for the future of public events?

Will there be event hosts with temperature measuring hand held devices that will scan each and every attendee??

Hopefully there won't be any Required Guest list(s) of those who attend, as we can recall another attempt several years ago to ( Controversy 2016 ) which led to law suits over mass outings. ( Which was preceded Controversy 2015, involving a pair of very special boots. In Vancouver, even footwear can lead to controversy... )

Having a registry will only force events to go underground. Nobody should have the chance to be outed!!

Changes in public BDSM events;

We suggest just announcing door checks for obvious signs of illness. Signs detailing hand washing ( as if that shouldn't common sense already ), using alternative methods to open doors. Avoid touching common things, i.e. door handles..etc.

We still don't have a paperless society or flying cars,  ( and we're happy that's not a thing in Vancouver, try explaining that to your home insurance from the Beamer that flew into the side of your house while they were texting... ) why can't we have automatic doors.

We know this will pass, avoiding larger crowds especially when an outbreak is occurring should be common sense. That's the thing not much common sense is common. Keep a level head, and keep breathing.

We will endure,

We are Canadians,

We are British Colombians, after all!  ( BC Stands for something, not just Bring Cash! )

In closing, We here just felt that everyone just keep Breathing.

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March 22, 2020 3:19 PM

Will the kink scene go underground? What is going to happen?