The Traffic Light code

This quick guide to using the Traffic light system as a quick way of monitoring the status of a play partner(s) status during a Consensual BDSM scene.

Green Light - All systems go, no need to keep shouting green light. Gets annoying quickly!

Yellow Light - The scene slows, a quick check on the play partner to see if there are issues with the scene. A Discussion will follow usually aftercare.

Red Light - The scene does a complete stop, everything gets packed up and put away, and there could be a discussion as to why the Red Light was called.

The scene can be hot and really steamy, not to mention the heat emanating from the Dungeon that you're playing in. And in that heat of the moment, mistakes can and will happen. It's very easy to forget/ overlook someone's Hard Limits, their Limitations during BDSM. Which is why we suggest recapping before actually playing with a brand new play partner. And reviewing all the Hard Limits listed during the negotiation period ( The Negotiation period happens a substantial time before the scene does. ).

A question we get on FetVancouver a lot is, "What if my play partner wants to be gagged during our scene?"  Your play partner has indicated during the initial negotiations period that they wanted to be gagged during your scene.

Be sure you have a hand signal, or another signal to inform the partner to shake their head vigorously to get the Top's / Dungeon Monitor or DM's attention during the time of distress. You need to be careful any time you're restricting someone's airflow or blood flow. Plus a hand or foot losing feeling is NOT a good thing! Serious physical damage can happen to the body when put under long term distress!

With the introduction into so many new kinks, you're bound to discover those that you enjoy and those that you detest. With time you'll figure things out. Do your Due Diligence, Do your own research!

TL;DR : Consent is for those 18+!

( Except those have to be 19+ to get into any of the Public Dungeons around Vancouver, BC... Hey, We didn't make the rules, so don't blame us!! )

The Traffic Light code

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