This past tale of woe contains self-delusion, plus a lack of Commitment and Communication.

Several years ago, there once was a beautiful maiden, who told tales of past decades in BDSM. They told tales of BDSM Experiences,  long since "forgotten".

The maiden appeared out as wholesome initially, but slowly turned into some ugly multi-headed beast, the lies that spewed from its disgusting mouth, which could have made most politicians jealous!  The beast turned from wholesome and pure, into something vile and disgusting. The beauty had been stripped away, and all that was left was lies, deceit, and despair in an empty husk.

Those claims of lengthy periods of time of wanting and yearning to return to the BDSM lifestyle were all but hampered by the fact that there was in fact a hidden bio-family.

Reality check time here, before any BDSM relationship begins, there should be an activity known as COMMUNICATION... This little fact regarding a bio-family should have been told at the very beginning. Just after "Hello. my name is..."  ( I've also had those who have lied about current Leather Families... )

Having that information, one could have surmised that the individual, in particular, was NOT going to stay in the BDSM lifestyle for long, due to the fact of the aforementioned bio-family...  One should Always be Open and Honest with their partners when BDSM is concerned!!

Consent should Always be given and received before any Play starts!!!

If you don't happen to know what Consent is, Consent simply put is;

Keep your f'king hands to yourself,

out/ off of my Toy Bag ( property )!!!


Communicate with the person that you don't like their advances if you're not in fact interested!  If they become aggressive, then ask for Security if you're out and shopping. Communication seems to be a lost art these days, a rarity. And yet without proper Communication, no Scene should start, no relationship should begin, and no lies be ever be told!!!


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