Explode on the scene

Ever see the ones who do just that, they Explode on to the scene? It has also been called "sub Frenzy".

They're at every single munch around town, going to all public and private BDSM events. Buying all types of sex toys, from the cheapo sex stores and they're cheap to buy and cheaply made. Who cares? As they feel they won't be in the kink scene for long.

It may take a year or two, or three, then POOF, life changes and they disappear. Leave their kink friends and eventually leave the spotlight in their place in the Kink Community in Vancouver.

The only thing wrong with this, is they burn themselves out, or rush into relationships without any sort of research on the new play partner!

Also sometimes the ( new to the Kink life ) Kinkster may start as a submissive ( or even bondservant ), then months later change to Dominant and land somewhere around Switch. It all depends on the person themselves.  Mainly this is due to the fact they themselves want to cause pain, perhaps they should be looking into being a Sadist instead, Dominance is entirely different in respect and mannerisms.

BDSM is a lot of fun between Consenting adults when done correctly!  The biggest piece of advice we can give you is, Get a Mentor or a Kink Buddy right away!  You can do this at a Munch near you. Munches are 18+ gatherings in a restaurant, pub or even a Library. You can find experienced kinksters of all ages 18+.

Don't put a time limit on things, take your time!! Or say "While I'm single, I'll get into BDSM!"

On Shopping, there's No need to have every single toy there is available. Invest in good quality friendships, equipment and toys will come later.

On Flogger or Whip Cleansing; Use a light cleanser or a very, very, very light dusting of an antibacterial spray, and hang dry your leather goods and floggers, whips..etc. Hang between play parties if a weekly BDSM excursion. Time and Air will help ensure any STI or STD doesn't transfer.

Play with a clear head, even if you've had a bad day, stop and breathe before your scene! Do not Play while angry!

This article should be taken more as a precautionary tale, take you're time, don't burn yourself out on Kink..   With so many who have tried and then walked away from BDSM, should realize Consent has always been there.

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Explode on the scene

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