Consent is Sexy!

FetVancouver Consent Is Sexy!

We felt that we needed to not only repeat this, but also to steal this back. 😉

Imagine this, having a bottom in your scene stand there in a Public Dungeon, expecting to have done what was negotiated and Consented too. You've got your Safety shears in your back pocket, you know that your two finger ties are tight!

Then you grab the hemp rope, and start tying a Shibari tie, your bottom feels the sensations of restraint and the feel of the rope. This entire scene that you're having at that moment is all that you planned for. It's all you had hoped for.

FINALLY, you think, someone who wants to be tied up Consensually! 

Later during negotiated aftercare, you analyze the scene together. A discussion of what was liked about the scene, and what you didn't. Unfortunately those new to the scene will have to experience a few issues before finally discovering that a whole wide range of kink does actually exist.  ( None of which includes Hard Limits, or minors!! 19+! )

This brief example is to show how a normal BDSM Scene SHOULD go.

We suggest that you:

  1. First, go to a Munch near you
  2. Then to one of our many Vancouver Public Dungeons events that are held around our Beautiful city of Vancouver, BC.

Go to a few BDSM events first before deciding if this lifestyle is right for you, before you go wild with spending.
If you want to shop right now, We have our online and maps Vancouver Fetish Directory.

Consent is Sexy!

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September 9, 2020 2:27 AM

whens the next of these happening? I’m a big sub that’s always wanted to be tied up shibari style in a room full of people….I’d love to experience this

September 10, 2020 11:44 PM
Reply to  FetMiss

Thanks for the reply! Totally get what your saying, and yeah…it is indeed why we cant have nice things :c

Hopefully things like this could happen sometime next year though, here’s to hoping! *fingers crossed*