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Got an Event? is, at it's core, a kinky directory for our lovely city of Vancouver, BC, Canada and the surrounding areas. While Our databases are filled with upcoming events, sometimes we do occasionally miss out on smaller events, or events that need promotion. As the smaller events grow, so does our kinky community grows. Albeit, slowly..

Our criteria for Public Kink Events Listings;

  • Must be Public kink event, cannot be private kink event.
  • Non Exclusionary, open to all those 19+
  • Around Vancouver, BC, Canada area. ( AKA Metro Vancouver, AKA Lower Mainland. )
  • Have some sort of security, a DM Team.
  • Can be a Vancouver Kink Club or a Vancouver Fetish Event.
  • Website is preferred.

Use this form to alert us to your event.  Give us at least 2 weeks, before your event, we prefer up to a month before.

We can't promote your event the weekend of, since our schedule is set for a month prior.

Sometimes we post reviews on articles, it's a good thing to read about others kinksters adventures or thoughts. We often post our own thoughts, protocols as such, to help assist with decisions or even to just educate to the new to the life style kinkster. Our past writings, click here

Our criteria for Articles or Stories;

  • Must be regarding 19+
  • BDSM related.
  • SSC, RACK or PRICK friendly.
  • Consent orientated.
  • No attack, hate or discriminating articles.

Through the use or articles and content, We promote BDSM as a Consensual act between Consenting adults. Even though the legal age is 18, we still promote 19+ since it is the required age to attend an Public Kink Event. ( Don't blame us.. )

We're opening it up to include you the blogger who wants a few extra hits and a little extra exposure. And we'll share back. We do speak "rel canonical"!

We're even looking for guest bloggers, to include their articles on, with credit to the author and link back to their blog/website. If you know any bloggers, share our website with them. Get traffic flowing to much needed articles.

Got Content?

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