YKINMK, an acronym for Your Kink Is Not My Kink, in other words "To Each Their Own!"

We'll try to explain in a non - offensive way how this all works. ( We're sure someone will get deeply offended by this........ And we're sure they'd get told off to go Flock Off ! )

Flamingos party hats

Let's say that your thing, fetish or kink is Plastic Pink Flamingos with party hats. Now, you may love these lawn ornaments that you place out in your front lawn, yet your neighbour doesn't like them at all. The neighbour complains to the city that the Plastic Flamingos are out for all to see 24/7 365.   And those little disgusting party hats, How Droll, UGH!!

Want another great example, YKINMK example can be found here . [ NSFW!!! ]

YKINMK is basically, imposing your kink on to someone else. Which may not always be Consensual. Think about it, in the above example, we're just talking Plastic Pink Flamingos with party hats on, although it can be disturbing to most, and kinky to the few..  ( If your neighbour does put out Plastic Pink Flamingos with party hats on, we suggest moving.. ) Yet it can be any kink, almost anything. What's cool to you, may not be cool with someone else.

Which is why we feel that Communication is paramount to any relationship, either kinky or not. We always advocate negotiations prior to play, for all parties involved. And we also suggest to know that all parties are 18+ in age, also are of the same species as you are, and currently breathing, and alive. All definite pluses.

Also another fact about Communication, is that it is the key to Consent!

What if your current partner doesn't Consent to whatever your kink is, well, the Internet is vast, we're sure you can always find another partner or an additional play partner who is in to your kink. We would suggest communicating with your main partner first so that you're not including an additional partner who is into whatever your desire is.

Your Kink Is Not My Kink is more about respecting those who are kinky and those who are not, aka Vanillas. You cannot guarantee that those who are not kinky or not of age will see your scene, some like outdoor scenes, we're not going to suggest this, since it can get you into hot water..

Always Remember: Communicate, Negotiate, Consent !


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July 15, 2018 5:14 PM

I see guys fapping near bus stops a lot

August 22, 2018 9:33 AM

Disgusting thro my coffee a dem