Why is there no Listing for …?

While answering a comment from a few weeks ago, inquiry as to why there isn't any [ Add Fetish here ] type of munch, or event, as we do get several questions throughout the year as to why there isn't this or that type of event around Vancouver, BC.

TL;DR: Consent is for everyone 18+!

We thought about this question, then life got in the way, and we continued thinking about why there isn't whatever fetish that is the fetish du jour, or this week.. It is simply..


Yes, the individuals who assume they know what is best for all, and themselves.  Trying to educate them, half the time, most do not listen..

In fact, it doesn't really matter what the requested fetish was, as long as it doesn't harm yourself or others. So..

Let's stick with the facts:

  • Consent is for everyone 18+!
  • It's 18+ to walk into sex shop  in Canada, yet you have to be 19+ to get in to any of the Vancouver Fetish Events  or even a clubs around Vancouver. That usually has to do with liquor licenses.
  • In Canada, We require two legs and being of same species... Pretty simple there..
  • Also needs to be able to communicate in the kinksters in their preferred language(s), for confirming Consent, before play, is also required in Canada. We do have two official languages, yet welcome all languages. Vancouverites do try to accommodate. We're unsure about using Google Translate to obtain Consent..
  • We feel that the ( New, Old or Returning ) Kinksters, should attend a Munch in their area, or a neighbouring area. Become reacquainted with the rules of a Public Dungeon.
  • After Negotiations have commenced, you can always go to a Vancouver Fetish Event or even a Club, to play in public. We suggest the same goes for private play.
  • You're most likely not going to find what you are currently searching for at a local Vancouver Fetish Event or Club. Although attending a local Munch, might help in finding what you're looking for.
  • Why do we distinguish between events and clubs, because one is more Kink Lite, and the other Kink Heavy. For some clubs, it's more like a Kinky Fashion Show.
  • Although in all fairness, there isn't much in the way of kink specific events or munches around Vancouver.

We do have Littles friends, the Ddlg, Mdlg, Ddlb, Mdlb crowd and although we do not partake in Littles events, as long as everyone is 19+. What can we say? Nothing. Since everyone attending is 19+ in age.

Private events are just that, they're "Private", so we can't and don't post them. We have been known to post events that were kink specific. Yet those were usually one offs, never to return..

So, to answer the Question of Why is there No Listing for [Enter fetish here] Event/Munch?,

is ..

It's either Private event or not attended enough, or not enough education to overcome the Stigma that surrounds it. The lack of education in these areas is astounding, which is why this website exists, for the most part. Although even with all the countless articles we've written in the past, this will never, ever change some peoples minds..


Why is there no Listing for ...?



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October 30, 2017 10:28 PM

I got started in BDSM about 30 years ago. Me and my partner attended a fetish club night at a hall downtown. Being new, I was freaked out about some of the things that went on! After going home and thinking about it I realized that my fetishes are weird to some just as others fetishes are weird to others. The fetish community in Vancouver is diverse. If it was divided into small little fetish sections it would no longer be viable. Attend the events. Thank the organizers. Leave with all the info you want to leave with. After 30… Read more »

October 30, 2017 10:34 PM

Sorry, I might also comment that with attending the events you can find out about workshops detailing specific fetishes. Some might be of interest to 1 person. Some may be of interest to lots. But there is always some kind of info geared towards a wide spectrum of fetishes. Support the community and it will support you!

July 15, 2018 5:18 PM
Reply to  Lars

Munches are the best, and free, only what you buy as a meal.