Vancouver Controversy 2016

We would like to remind you about the differences between Public Kinky Events and Private Kinky Events around our lovely, Kink'ified City of Vancouver.

The main differences are in space, availability to host larger crowds and having a Dungeon Monitor, DM, team available. The Vancouver DM Team who's available for everyone's well being both Dominants and submissives and all the others in between.

BEWARE! You take your own risk(s) going to a private event that don't have a Dungeon Monitoring team....

We can't comment on the most recent controversy, as it all takes place in a private home.

Wanting to mention that if you are a victim of abuse, ( Abuse, which ISN'T BDSM!)  Speak Out! Speak to someone with Authority, if it's at a public BDSM event in Vancouver, find a Vancouver Dungeon Monitor aka "DM" usually denoted with a red sash and tell them what happened.

As abuse or sexual assault can happen to anyone, any gender, any age, or any BDSM Role ( aka Dominant, submissive, slave, pet..etc. )!

Change will only happen when the victims talk to those in authority, if they choose not to speak out, then nothing will happen.  Without any, Court level evidence, all that happens, are people's lives will be destroyed by baseless accusations. Nothing good comes about with rumors, hearsay and conjecture.

A Town Hall meeting last year was to discuss the most recent controversy.  We feel that this is a good thing and a great time to extinguish the torches and to quit sharpening the pitchforks...  Some unworthy solutions were mentioned like Blacklists, which can be abused, Committees which can be corrupted. And Specialized Websites promoting Consent, already got those..

As for those all important Egos, Egos which may have been misinformed by 50 shades of Grey and other misleading movies and novels, can hamper any advancement towards growing as a BDSM Community. Show me the all super evil Dominant, and I’ll show you an abuser...

ABUSE IS NOT BDSM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only real solution we feel is through BDSM Education, which is paramount in our minds, and even BDSM Mentoring programs for both submissives and Dominants should be implemented ASAP!

There should always be Consent and Assent! Consent can be retracted at anytime, even in the middle of a scene, By anyone involved!

We will continue to promote Open Munches and BDSM Public events with a Dungeon Monitor team.

In closing,  Until the message of Consent starts consistently being disseminated around Munches, Events..etc., we'll all keep getting controversies the same next year, Vancouver Controversy 2017, Vancouver Controversy 2018, Controversy 2019, Controversy 2020..etc.


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