On the importance of Munches

We here at FetVancouver.com are going on our 6th year, since we've always promoted Consent and Assent ( 1, 2, 3 , ) and  wanted to show the importance of Munches as a starting point for those New to the Kink life and even those experienced in Kink. We've asked one of our local Munch hosts, the illustrious Mistress Eve some questions regarding the importance of Munches.

FV : You run the Surrey Munch. How long have you been running the munch for?
Mistress Eve: I have been organizing the munch going on around 10 years now, I think.  I dislike the phrase 'running the munch'.  I can't speak for the other munches, but this munch is 'people run'.  The attendees make the munch what it is.

FV : What is a "Munch" to you?
Mistress Eve: 
As I have referenced ... in the event description for the munches, it is a safe place to meet new &/or fellow kinksters in a safe environment where kink is just another conversation topic.

FV : Do you to think new Kinksters ( AKA newbies ) could learn something from just going to a regular munch?
Mistress Eve: 
I strongly recommend new Kinksters come to a munch.  Again, speaking about the Surrey Munch, we always have a varied level of experienced kinksters (from new to longtime kinksters) with most kink interests.  Our experienced Kinksters are more than happy to share their knowledge & experiences.
FV : Should munches be converted into specific or topical Munch's, like specific age groups or interests?
Mistress Eve: 
I don't think so.  I feel munches should be general.  If you want a gathering of, say, rope enthusiasts, then call it a rope gathering.  A new person not into rope would shy away from attending munches.

FV : Is there any advantage to having a specified 19 - 35 year old munch? Or any other specialized munch?
Mistress Eve: 
As I mentioned above, there can be just don't call it a munch.  If one restricts a munch to a certain age group what about those attracted to but not within that age group?  Our munch has kinksters from ages 19 - 60+

FV : What do you think about sponsorship driven or pay for attendance munches?
Mistress Eve: 
I am against that.  To me, this entails the sponsor to financially support the event, in this case a munch. To my knowledge, there are no munches currently being financially sponsored.

As for attendance fees, that's ridiculous if the munch is in a public venue.  If the venue requires payment over & above the dollars they get from the food consumed at the munch then I would be looking for another venue.  Over the years we have had a few people skip out on their tab, it was covered by one of us and we were reimbursed when the oversight was brought to the skippers attention.  We are all busy adults with too much on our minds.


FV : There's been a lot of talk about security and safety at Kink events around Vancouver lately. What about munches, are there any security or restrictions?
Mistress Eve: The munch is held in a public restaurant.  The munches are the safest place to meet someone new.  I always offer all new kinksters who are planning to come to the Surrey Munch to save them a seat next to or near me if they don't know anyone attending or are shy.  We also will, upon request, escort someone to their vehicle.  Perhaps even to Skytrain.

Restrictions:   be civil & respectful

FV : Is there anything you'd like to add?

Mistress Eve: The Surrey Munch was my personal foot through the door into the public kink world.  This was over 15 years ago.  I'm still there twice a month, rain or shine, sleet or snow.  We are a munch family and I am happy to see kinksters coming back after life has kept them away for too long.  Others make it a point to plan their trips to the Pacific NW to coincide with this munch.

Thank you,

Mistress_Eve [ Required Login ]

The Surrey Munch happens twice a month on the Second and fourth Wednesdays of the month. It is also one of the consistently most attended munches in the lower mainland.

Knight & Day Restaurant – 9677 King George Boulevard, Surrey. (604) 588-7575

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