Top 5 Bad Behaviours

Top 5 Bad Behaviours

Our series of articles on the Top 5 Bad Behaviours, lately there's been a lot of discussion on predators in Vancouver, and we'd like to show you some new ways to identify bad ones, both Dominants ( Doms/ Dommes ), Switches and submissives. You could find acts of coercion, manipulation and other unscrupulous individuals. Best to be aware of these actions, before it happens to you. It's not always one gender either, we hear reports of either gender lying, cheating, abusing, or any of the Top 5 Bad Behaviours.

Remember, Consent is Key!  Discover what your Hard Limits are, then redefine later after you've been in the Lifestyle for awhile. People change, and so do interests!

Educate yourself, before it's too late!

These behaviours can go both ways, side ways, every which way, check it out and see. Click here.

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( Originally written by sub1 )
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Top 5 Bad Behaviours

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