Happy Birthday Bettie

Happy Birthday Bettie Page

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FetVancouver salutes Bettie Mae Page (April 22, 1923 – December 11, 2008)

Bettie_Page_Klaw_1We just wanted to post Happy Birthday Bettie, one of the many reasons most of us here at FetVancouver.com even got into BDSM in the first place.

Most of us have to realize that when the spot light was on her, it did bring a lot of unnecessary attention towards her. Including some senate committees on what they assumed was pornography. Bettie did  allow nudes photo shoots of her, a lot of her work would now be considered even boring to some today's standards.

She wasn't all about BDSM, in fact she stated that she didn't care for the bondage shots, yet had to do them to get paid, in some cases. After her popularity took off, the BDSM photos were in such demand that back then parties known as "photo clubs" which  would be packed with hungry photographers wanting to capture Bettie.

After the senate hearings on pornography, many of Bettie's photos were purposely,  and callously destroyed. Even some photographers who didn't take BDSM photos with Bettie were so paranoid due to all the attention, that they started burning their material. Leaving us to seek out new photos of Bettie.

We thank her for breaking some of  the down barriers that she had to deal with back in the 1950's, even though a lot of our sexual freedoms are just being talked about these days. At this time we're even now just starting to discuss Consent and Assent as part of negotiations of BDSM Play Parties.

We still hold up hope that one day someone will find the HUGE cache of hidden work she did. We can only hope!

She maybe gone now, She's not forgotten!

Happy Birthday Bettie!

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