Top 5 Bad Behaviours; A series : Bad Manners

A series of the Top 5 Bad Behaviours, to ID for ourselves as well as in others so as to improve ourselves as well as highlighting them in others so as to aid in avoiding Predators as those who partake of these Bad Behaviours will be more willing to cause Harm intentionally without regard.  So, over the next few weeks I will post a snippet talking about these bad behaviours and what can be done to short circuit or correct it.  As always, please feel free to leave comments below.

This is the Fifth and Final Writing of this Series. I hope you have found it useful and informative.

5. Bad manners. Is it just me or have manners gone with the wind? I am certainly guilty and then some! These very simple skills that most of us were taught as children are powerful relating tools. Saying please and thank you, not interrupting, assisting someone, making conversation, showing appreciation, having table manners, being on time — all of these reflect consideration for others and respect for one’s self. These are not a display of subservience or domination. They are simple courtesies that are due to one and all irrespective of their station, class, perceived or real wealth, or title.

Most of us know what good manners are, yet society, in general, has become more and more relaxed about them and we neglect to use them. Take notice of what you might be neglecting and make a conscious effort to implement the manners that are missing for you.

It can be very difficult  to look in the mirror and see the truth about the ways you are behaving. The first reaction is to deflect and defend — we always have “good reason” for our actions, we can justify our behaviors. Personal growth, and ultimately happiness in life, involves making ourselves vulnerable, acknowledging our flaws, and changing the behavior in order to strengthen and empower ourselves.

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Top 5 Bad Behaviours; A series : Bad Manners

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