Top 5 Bad Behaviours; A Series: Temper Tantrums

A series of the Top 5 Bad Behaviours, to ID for ourselves as well as in others so as to improve ourselves as well as highlighting them in others so as to aid in avoiding Predators as those who partake of these Bad Behaviours will be more willing to cause Harm intentionally without regard.  So, over the next few weeks I will post a snippet talking about these bad behaviours and what can be done to short circuit or correct it.  As always, please feel free to leave comments below. All Rights Reserved.

This will be the Third of Five Writings..

3. Temper Tantrums... Pouting, withdrawal, belligerence, and passive aggressive behaviors are all examples of a temper tantrum... in adults or in children.  We all get angry and hurt, yet there are healthy, adult ways of expressing anger that don’t undermine or degrade relationships. When my niece has temper tantrums, she is told to “use your words.” We all need to use our words rather than childish behaviors to express our feelings. Noting anger and frustration when they arise so as to work to identify the source is very difficult as when we are angry or frustrated we are often no longer thinking clearly. Take a deep breath and talk calmly  about the feelings under the anger. Step back from interactions until you can control your feelings and speak calmly.

Jealousy ( 4/5 )

Top 5 Bad Behaviours; A Series: Temper Tantrums

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