Accountability.; Personal and to those around you and Interact with.

Accountability. Should a Community leader or even someone who is looked towards as a Community Leader, be held more Accountable or less for their words and deeds?

This is something I am currently struggling with.  I know our Politicians get away with loads of stuff… Until we call them on it. Yet, to what standard do we hold our Community Leaders? Ok, so the political leaders for our various governments is different from what we have in our BDSM/Alternative Lifestyle communities… so do we hold our own to a higher standard or a lesser one? Do we encourage or forgive Able-ism, Dishonesty, Viper-ism or Censorship in the name of our greater good when a Leader does it vs. a non-leader? Should we put up with it at all?

I have always been of the opinion that anyone who gains authority, either by assuming it due to an election, or other method of seeking it, or gaining it by having people give it to you through looking to you for Leadership then with that Authority comes a responsibility to hold yourself to a higher standard of Honour, Trustworthiness and Accountability.

Recently, I witnessed someone who, in my little pond, was looked to as a community leader, have faithful minions harass someone who had the courage to say "No!" to being a “punching bag and therapy” for said personage, then when that failed,  to attempted to have a BC MHA Form 4 filed.

For those who do not know, a BC Mental Health Act Form 4 is for Involuntary Admission to a Mental Heath Facility.  .. Please note; this attempt failed, epicly.

I feel that abuses the Trust given with the giving of personal information and shows unworthiness that this information, given in confidence, would be used to as a silencing and bullying attempt. And goes way too far.

So, here are my questions:
1.) Just to what standard do we hold our Leaders or those looked to as Leaders?

2.) What standard can we hold them to?

Both questions have the same answer as it turns out; We can only hold them to their own publicly stated standards or what we can make stick in a criminal court of Law. And remember who they are. Regrettably, Black Lists are now Illegal as violations of Privacy or Libel… See instead the Article on Behaviors to be Aware of.  I will write more on Accountability, Bad behaviours as well as what is suggested on how to deal and how to avoid them.

Thank you.

- SubX

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Accountability.; Personal and to those around you and Interact with.

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