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A great article on Munches and why she likes them. I found this article a good short read and hopefully this will be inspiring to some as to why people should go to their local Munches. Just another opinion on why Munches can help get people out and to start their BDSM or kinky journey.

It only makes our community stronger when you go to a Munch, there isn't any kink that goes on at your local Munch. Everyone in vanilla drab ( regular clothes ) and they show up and just discuss various topics with fear of reprisal or being outed.

In recent light of the main stream media fiasco some have retreated back into the shadows, when really they should be celebrating their new found freedom. You're doing no wrong with consensual acts, so why restrict yourself back into the abyss?

"Munches are a chance to get together with like minded people in our kink community. For a lot of new people, this is often a great place to start your journey. "

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Munches article

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