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Vancouver fetish events

Welcome to FetVancouver .com a directory for the Fetish scene in Vancouver, B.C.  This is an Adult related information website, No Minors allowed ( Under 19? Leave now KTHANXBYE..)

FetVancouver.com brings all the fetish events in Vancouver to one place, this will include everything from local events to clubs to special festivals, munches and specialty shops in our Vancouver kink friendly businesses directory.  Since there wasn’t anything to showcase the fetish community in Vancouver, B.C., we felt the need to help promote this unique lifestyle for consenting Adults.

Organizing all public adult Vancouver fetish events or all the Vancouver fetish clubs listings in to one easy site. Our main goal is to promote a Safe, Sane and Consensual environment around the Fetish Vancouver, BC area.

Vancouver Fetish Clubs & Vancouver Fetish Events list

New to fetish Vancouver?  You can find a suitable fetish event/ club near you that should suit almost any palate. Vancouver, BC  is such a diverse and beautifully kinky city, we’re just helping Vancouver come out of it’s shell.

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Vancouver fetish events can be found here.

Vancouver fetish clubs listings can be found here.

Vancouver fetish events Calendar & Munches

Whatever the fetish Vancouver scene you want/needs are or even if you want to promote your event this is the site for your kink. Try ourVancouver fetish events Calendar for all your Vancouver fetish events needs!

Munches are a great way to meet like-minded adults in a non-judgmental vanilla atmosphere. Such as a restaurant or meeting place.  Click here .

Kink friendly business directory

We’ve got a Vancouver kink friendly businesses directory. Click  Vancouver Fetish Directory

Accommodations for those traveling to Vancouver,  Here in the Vancouver Kinky Travel .


Fetish events

in Vancouver


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Vancouver Kink Weekly Preview May 22 to May 28

Vancouver Kink Weekly Preview

A preview of the week’s upcoming kinky events in Vancouver. #NSFW, #Kink, #Fetish,#BDSM,

Vancouver Kink Weekly Preview May 22 to May 28

May 24th

18:30 -20:30
Vancouver Downtown Munch
The Old Spaghetti Factory, Vancouver BC

May 25th

25/05/2016 – 26/05/2016
18:00 -21:00
Surrey Vendor Friendly Munch
Knight & Day Restaurant – 9677 King George Boulevard, Surrey BC

May 28th

28/05/2016 – 29/05/2016
20:00 -01:00
Rascals Club
Sapperton Hall, New Westminster BC

TIP: If taking transit to a event, often the events will allow you to change in the washrooms.

Full events schedule here

Google iCalendar here

Vancouver Kink Weekly Preview

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Rascal’s Club

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Beginners to BDSM 2016

Beginners to BDSM 2016

A 2013 post that bears repeating, the post Beginners to BDSM for those new to the lifestyle starting to join the ranks of the common Kinkster. The influx has been astounding, the lifestyle is slowly becoming acceptable. We now have websites like FetVancouver.com .

In the past we’ve heard some horror stories about non-consent violations from within our Vancouver Kink scene.  So in a effort to help stop such violations from repeating, we’re re-posting this original 2013 post for Beginners to BDSM, the 2016 version. We haven’t changed any of the article as it’s still as relevant today, as it was back then.

We now suggest new to the lifestyle submissives find a Kink Buddy to go with them to events and even Munches . Munches are an excellent way to find friends and other like minded adults for you to ask questions or even find a Kink Buddy to go with to these events. Ask lots of questions, take notes. Play in public at first, meet in public, like a coffee shop or a Munch, which doesn’t always have to be in your area.

As for Dominants, both Dom’s and Domme’s,  find a Mentor, a kinkster that will show you the ropes, if you will! 😉   Many Vancouver BDSM events such as Rascal’s Club have BDSM Samplers at every event. You can experience some other delights with knowledgeable Kinksters, all in a judgement free environment, supervised by the awesome Vancouver DM Team. Who are equally knowledgeable.

Our advice for you Dominants is also meet in public, like at a Munch as your security is as paramount as it is for any other Kinkster.  Play in public, for the first few scenes at least, as you’d do with a new submissive or other play mate.

Beginners to BDSM 2016

We’re not trying to step on any toes, just attempting, in our small way, to help keep Vancouverites safe and Kinky!


Beginners to BDSM

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Got an event?

Got an event?

We allow events to be listed on FetVancouver for free, we feel this helps promote Vancouver as a Kinky City, instead of a No Fun City..

You can simply enter your upcoming event information into our form and send it to us. Be sure to give yourself enough time to get the information to us well before the event happens. We’ll try and get your event listed in time to promote it as widely as possible.

Your event must be 19+ age restriction, open to the adult public – no private house parties. The event must also have some sort of security like the Vancouver DM Team if scene play is present. If your venue changes be sure to alert us so we can change the address of the venue.

Click here:

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